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Model 6010A Capacitance and Tan/Delta Testing Set


Performing dielectric loss measurements is a basic method of insulation testing that effectively detects damp, and otherwise degraded insulation of electrical equipment. The Model 6010A is a Capacitance and Tan Delta Test set that has been designed to be portable and simple to operate. It is perfectly suited to conduct a variety of nondestructive insulation integrity tests on a broad range of electrical devices and cables.

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Details about the Model 6010A Capacitance and Tan Delta Testing Set

Specifications for the 6010A Capacitance and Tan Delta Testing Set

Automatically Displays: Capacitance, watt loss, power factor, test current and active power.
Capacitance Range:
10kV <30,000pF
5kV <75,000pF
1kV <150,000pF
Accuracy: tan/delta ± (0.1% rdg + 0.4 % range) Cx: ± (1%rdg + 1.00pF)
Maximum Resolution: 0.0001pF
Tan/Delta Range: 0.001% resolution
Tan/Delta Test Current Range: 10uA-1A
Internal HV selectable voltage range: 0.1-10kV
Maximum Output Current: 200mA
Selectable Test Frequencies: 50Hz, 60Hz
Automatic, Dual Variable Frequencies:
45/55Hz, 47.5/52.5Hz, 57.5/62.5Hz, 55/65Hz
Power Supply: 120VAC 60Hz
Operating Environment:
148F to 1048F @≤90%RH


  • Selectable manual and automatic test methods
  • Internal high-speed microprocessor control
  • Integrated High-Voltage supply and reference capacitor
  • Stable readings, even in electrically noisy environments
  • Variable-frequency technology eliminates power frequency interference
  • High-voltage dielectric loss function
  • Integrated grounding detection feature

Supplied with manual, test cables, printer paper, power cord, spare fuse, two safety interlocks and accessory case.

See the product features video on YouTube here.

Basic 6010A use. Link to video on YouTube

6010A being used in the field. Link to video on YouTube

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